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Dear FCC . . .

Yes, it’s a bit of slacktivism, but my concern about Net Neutrality is real enough. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has made sending a comment to the Federal Communication Commission as easy as possible. Librarians should pay attention to this issue (and they are). We rely more than ever on internet resources for our livelihoods. As […]

Digital Book Day

Something that should absolutely, positively concern you–besides the fact that I am trying to do my job on only three hours’ sleep, and the fact that German sports fans will likely be insufferable for the next four years after their team’s crushing defeat of Argentina in the world Cup finals yesterday, and besides the incredible […]

This Just In . . . Google Shrinks a Bit

This just came in from Gary Price by way of the ERIL-L listserv: After 4+ years Google has announced that they are stopping the Google Answersservice. This RS post: has info and links as well as: 1) Google Answers history and the rise of Yahoo Answers 2) This is not the first time a large […]

Stolen Sidekick: A Public Service Announcement

I don’t generally post things like this, but this (assuming it’s real, and from what I can tell it seems to be) deserves a mention: "You lose a Sidekick, leaving it in a cab accidentally. Some idiots grab it. Instead of doing the right thing and returning it, even after a reward is offered? They […]

Fighting the Web

The Pentagon’s stated intention of gaining control of the internet and comprehensive control of the larger EM-spectrum, while perfectly logical and maybe desirable (in a Clausewitz sort of way,) is never going to work. This story is not exactly getting major air time in the U.S. as far as I can tell (which isn’t much) […]

Interactive Maps are Yummy!

If you like maps as much as I do (even if, like me, you can’t always draw them as well as you’d like) and you’re concerned about (or merely interested in) gas prices or coastal inundation (or both,) then check these out: The first is a map that shows gasoline prices (no diesel prices that […]

Wikipedia: Cool, But Not for Primary Research

This got a mention in this week’s ResourceShelf Newsletter: "Wikipedia, an Internet encyclopedia written entirely by volunteers, claimed that a prominent journalist might have been involved in the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, a false charge that has highlighted the Achilles’ heel of such do-it-yourself Web sites. The journalist, John Seigenthaler Sr., 78  —  who […]

Still More About Google

After looking over the past bits and pieces I’ve posted about Google, I can imagine if you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking, "Oy, not another one!" And you’d be right to a certain point. Then again, this may bear repeating often. What brought me to this conclusion was an email from the head of IT […]

Guerilla Videos Library-Style

I think Gary North is a bit of a kook. I don’t agree with his politics or his religious view more than rarely, but having said that I read his Reality Check newsletter twice a week, because he sees things I don’t see, and that’s a big deal to me.  You can never have too […]