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Trusting Your News Feed

10 Investigative Reporting Outlets to Follow January 13, 2017 This post first appeared on We’ve just started a new series highlighting some of the best, in-depth investigative journalism that is uncovering real news, revealing wrongdoing and fomenting change. As a compendium, here are 10 investigative reporting outlets that are worth following if they’re not […]

Grim Predictions

So author/director/screenwriter/all around wackadoo Forbes West made a thing. He has a podcast called Live at the Benbow Inn, which he is slowly but surely turning into a regular feature on his blog. I got a chance to sit in on an episode recently where I and other awesome people got to pontificate on our views and […]

Worldcat Love & the BiblioblatherBlog

A coworker mentioned the Biblioblather Blog to me at lunch, and, being the inquisitive type of paranoiac that I am, I tuned in and found a really nifty string of links. Not the least ofwhich is one to WorldCat Lookup which the Biblioblatherblogger has already described in prose so exemplary, I could only chew my […]

Resource Shelf = Da Bomb!

I don’t know when or if Gary Price actually sleeps, but I’m glad he doesn’t (or sddesn’t seem to, anyway.) His Resource Shelf website is one of the best things I’ve seen in online Libraryland in a long while. (Not that I get out that often but when I do, and I find something like […]