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2017 Isn’t ‘1984’

2017 isn’t ‘1984’ – it’s stranger than Orwell imagined John Broich, Case Western Reserve University A week after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, George Orwell’s “1984” is the best-selling book on The hearts of a thousand English teachers must be warmed as people flock to a novel published in 1949 for ways to think about […]

We’re Back!

So you’ll remember a few weeks ago when this site disappeared for a few days, then a few days ago when it returned with nothing more current than 2008 posted on it. The short story is that ThirdScribe had a major problem with its ISP, and many of their sites (including mine) were sacrificed to […]

The Day After Publishing

As you’ll remember in our last exciting episode of The Rogue Scholar, I pushed the Publish button on Article 9, my first proper SciFi novel. Since then, I’ve pushed the button on the Print-On-Demand version of the book as well, so if you shun electronics in favor of printed copy, you now have an option. […]

Creating Canon: When Book Lists Attack

We had a bit of an outpouring of literary geekery the other night when I found this comment on a friend’s Facebook feed: Ok most of list I agree with however not being a fan of C.S. Lewis I can say I didn’t get beyond The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I can even […]

It's Been a Rough Few Weeks . . . Can You Tell?

"The only kinds of fights worth having are those you’re going to lose, because somebody has to fight them and lose and lose and lose until someday, somebody who believes as you do wins. In order for somebody to win an important, major fight 100 years hence, a lot of other people have got to […]

Magna Carta For Sale–U.S. Constitution Next?

The UK Independent says that the Only Copy of Magna Carta in Private Hands to be Sold in New York. I’m temped to say something truly obnoxious such as wonder whether the U.S. Constitution can be far behind, seeing as how the current regime in Washington D.C. has little apparent use for it, but I […]

RLG to Combine with OCLC

Just received this tidbit (which is a pretty major tidbit) from Kathleen Gundrum, the Director of Member Services at Nylink: RLG to combine with OCLC Combined programs and services to advance offerings and drive efficiencies for libraries, archives, museums and other research organizations worldwide DUBLIN, Ohio, May 3, 2006—Two of the world’s largest membership-based information […]