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Digital Recovery Plans, Libraries, and Us

Verizon facility serving most of downtown Manhattan

I’ll just say that if you couldn’t make it to NYTSL’s Spring Program last night, you missed an excellent discussion. The program was “”Disaster Recovery and the Digital Library”, and as such, it brought a bit of real world application to the often abstract world of disaster planning. NYTSL’s guest speakers were Frank J. Monaco, […]

Dear FCC . . .

Yes, it’s a bit of slacktivism, but my concern about Net Neutrality is real enough. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has made sending a comment to the Federal Communication Commission as easy as possible. Librarians should pay attention to this issue (and they are). We rely more than ever on internet resources for our livelihoods. As […], MeSH and TypePad Metadata

First, a big WooHOO! to for receiving domestic and international awards.  If you haven’t subscribed to their e-mail news listserv you’re missing a lot.  I love this site.  If you’re looking for truly professional (i.e., fair and thorough) analysis of political ads and such, this is the place to go (or at least the […]

Osmosing Data and Leaky Cell Phones

In 1990 I found a wacky (and vaguely depressing) manga anthology by Joji Manabe (whose work I love) called "Dora." One of the stories in it (actually the first few pages of one of the stories in it) contained the germ of an idea I eventually turned into a short story called "Norma" (no relation […]

Two-Tiered Internet

I like the Center for American Progress.  I really do, for the sheer level of research they utilize when writing any given bulletin they send out. I am in awe. Having said that, I’m not sure how I feel about their latest posts on what they call the Two-Tiered Internet. The NY Times has a […]

"'Meta-Utopia'"? Who Said That?

Google Alert just dumped a link in my lap that I’m a bit conflicted about: it’s called "Metacrap" and it’s an angry and obnoxious attempt by Cory Doctorow to make what should be an excellent point. Namely, that not all meta-data is reliable and the level to which it is unreliable necessarily degrades its utility […]