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Ref Desk: Keeping Your Data While Border Crossing

Since the subject of international border crossing shenanigans for travelers has come up in the news, I found this tidbit on How to legally cross a US (or other) border without surrendering your data and passwords The combination of 2014’s Supreme Court decision not to hear Cotterman (where the 9th Circuit held that the […]

Trusting Your News Feed

10 Investigative Reporting Outlets to Follow January 13, 2017 This post first appeared on We’ve just started a new series highlighting some of the best, in-depth investigative journalism that is uncovering real news, revealing wrongdoing and fomenting change. As a compendium, here are 10 investigative reporting outlets that are worth following if they’re not […]

A Question of Attribution

I came across this tidbit while looking over Andy’s website this afternoon.  I’m not a reference librarian by training and my days as an English major are long behind me, so I thought I’d toss this out there to see if anyone wanted to  chime in. To wit: BEWARE THOSE WHO HAVE FOUND THE TRUTH […]