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The Apocalypse Arrives and It’s Weird

  Today sees the launch of an ambitious new series from Nick Cole  and Michael Bunker, titled Apocalypse Weird. The concept is simple: the end of the world is very f-ing nigh and you have front row seats. Five novels drop today and join The Red King, Cole’s previously released work in this ‘verse: The […]

A Bit of an Update

It’s been about three months since I put a real post up here. That’s a long time, even for me. You know what my track record is like: I go for a few months, my work at MCNY piles up, and I stop posting for a while. A month, sometimes two. Three is a little […]

Article 9 is Live on Kindle

Okay, folks. You remember way back, when I made these cryptic references to a book I was writing? And then completing? And then trying to get published? Well, it's done. The book is titled Article 9, and it's the first in a planned series called The Blockade Trilogy, and it's now available for $3.99 on …

A New Book Cover

I’ve been pontificating about a project of mine here for years. I’ve called it the Blockade series because it is a planned hard Sci-fi series about a ring of thingies surrounding the solar system. The first book is titled Article 9, and I’m almost ready to hit the publish button on it.

Book Announcement

  And now, another book announcement. You may remember my plug for Theme-Thology: New Myths I shared a few weeks ago. That was a cool book. Even better, I’m actually in this one. It’s the fourth book in HDWP Books’ Theme-Thology series of anthologies, titled Real Worlds Unreal, where each story takes place in a […]