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Peak Oil & Libraries 3.0: Collapse-Proofing Ourselves

I recently bought (pre-ordered) a copy of Reinventing Collapse : The Soviet Example and American Prospects by Dmitry Orlov.  Orlov is a Peak Oiler and his writing on the subject is easily distinguishable from his contemporaries because he spent a lot of time in the Soviet Union during its collapse from Socialist Superpower to Just […]

Peak Oil & Libraries 2.0

First, a great big thank you to Tom and Phil of EscapingNYC for pointing out that Library Journal has finally published an article about peak oil and what libraries should be thinking about in terms of dealing with it. (If you guys ever do manage to escape, please leave a forwarding address.) It’s a good […]

New Digital Collection at Center for Jewish History Now Online

Tony Gill, Director of the Gruss Lipper Digital Laboratory at the Center for Jewish History posted this announcement on the METRO Digital Collections Special Interest Group mailing list: The Center for Jewish History recently completed a METRO-funded pilot project to digitize and make freely accessible online 40 Yiddish and Hebrew children’s books, many of which […]

"Google Generation" A Myth, Says New Report

This came in this morning from Gary Price over at "Google Generation" is a Myth, Says New ResearchGoogle is in the title but that’s an attention grabber. The primary focus of the report is about younger people and access to info. "A new report, commissioned by JISC and the British Library, counters the common […]

NIH Open Access Mandate in Danger

This note came over the LITA-L listserv from Charles W. Bailey over at Digital Scholarship.  It’s worth reading.  In the interest of getting this out to as many folks as possible, I’ll just post the e-mail in its (slightly edited) entirety, active links and all: Peter Suber reports that the NIH open access mandate may […]

The Open Library

Sure you have heard of it by now, haven’t you? You haven’t? All right then, read all about it here. And let me know what you think. (I’m still deciding how I fell about it.) (Thanks to Ian Fairclough for this tidbit.)

More Awards and a Bit About the Iraqi NationalLibrary

Looking for a real challenge? Try being the Director/Head Honcho/Guy in Charge  of the Iraqi National Library.  This is not a job for the faint hearted. In lighter news that’s closer to home (for me, that is) the Academy has won honors for our website. In the words of our communications director: "The Academy’s website […]

Calling Mr. Decimal

If you’re looking to renew your knowledge of Dewey Decimal classification–which can be a drag, but plenty of libraries continue to use it and it’s a good skill to retain over the long haul–then you might want to take a look at the WebDewey Tutorial over at OCLC’s web site.  They cover Dewey in a […]

EPA Libraries and Public Access

This article comes out of of today’s edition of the Christian Science Monitor: As EPA Libraries go Digital, Public Access SuffersBy Mark Clayton For a new Democratic Congress facing big environmental issues from global warming to dwindling fisheries, the first step may be keeping the nation’s top environmental libraries from closing – and saving their […]

First, Re-Open the Libraries

This article from Kelpie Wilson hit a particular note with me because until 2 years ago my wife worked as a reference librarian at the NYC EPA Region 2 library on Broadway.  She watched for 3 years as a staff of three librarians, one media specialist and one tech services paraprofessional were relocated, outsourced or […]