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It's The Little Things We'll Miss Most

We’re officially beginning the migration of our catalog from a 13-year old in-house server whose performance can only be called "less than satisfactory"–I’d use stronger language considering what I’ve heard about the device’s past history both at the technical and political level, but I’ve only been here a couple of months (not even) and speaking […]

Webbys, Google, and The Ultimate Computer

First of all, a major round of congratulations to which has been nominated for a 2007 Webby Award (in two categories)! [APPLAUSE] They’ve made it to the finals, in fact, and the RS wishes them luck in nabbing that sucker.  For what my opinion is worth (exactly what you have paid for it), I’ve […]

Never Too Late to Return Books

SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER Sunday, January 7, 2007 · Last updated 7:12 a.m. PT Library book returned _ 47 years overdue THE ASSOCIATED PRESS HANCOCK, Mich. — Robert Nuranen handed the local librarian a book he’d checked out for a ninth-grade assignment – along with a check for 47 years’ worth of late fees. Nuranen said his […]

Hampton U. and Literary NY

So, according to this email, maybe Hampton U. isn’t dissolving their cataloging department after all (thank you nice people at Kent State for this): "I have received from a number of colleagues a copy of announcement of theclosing of the Technical Service department of the Harvey Library at Hampton University .  Harvey Library has no […]

New Projects

For the record, I agree with the sentiment that children and pornography don’t mix.  Heck, adults and pornography don’t mix half the time.  Having said that, I’m convinced there has to be a better method of keeping the two away from each other (kids and porn) than this.  (Dare I suggest more involved parenting?) While […]

New for 2006

Congratulate me: this is the 100th post of the Rogue Scholar. (Yea!) I started this silly thing last year as a way to help me develop how I thought about library-type work and the issues that relate to it: it gets lonely in the back office sometimes, and it pays to put pen to paper […]

"Come and get me, Feds!"

Normally when someone talks about how much damage librarians are doing the American Way of Life, you figure it’s just more talk radio hyperbole. Not this time. This time it comes from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. First, we have an article in the New York Times ("At FBI, Frustration Over Limits on an Antiterror […]

Back Up Data Early & Often

I found this article from Robert Ringer in my mailbox this past weekend and it’s ajust a short reminder that accidents do happen, both in libraries and in our personal lives. The moral is both concise and bears repeating: back up your data. Often. In a number of different media. In a number of different […]

NYAM Blog ALert

The reference staff of the New York Academy of Medicine has its own blog, now, which I was just informed of. (Actually, I knew about this a couple of weeks ago but between spending most of last week in California,  and being swamped with testing/implementing LinkFinder Plus, I just got around to posting it now. […]

Cataloging Grey Lit In the Trench

I know, I’ve been away for a while. Between work, sickness (both mine and in my family) and deadlines for delivery of a hellish number of catalog records to the National Library of Medicine, it’s been both busy and distracting. But it’s important to have fun while you’re cataloging a document. It doesn’t matter what […]