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And Now, a Damage Recovery Project

  Writing is a set of permanent thoughts, or, as a famous Gelfling once said, “words that stay.” I tell my students that a book is just about the most effective method of data storage and transmission ever devised. It’s a set of transcribed thoughts organized by page number and cross-referenced both by sequential progression […]

NYTSL 2015 Spring Reception and Program

Just as a (not so) brief reminder, NYTSL’s programs are running their usual course. Here’s the latest announcement for the spring reception and spring program, which went out the other day: NYTSL 2015 Spring Reception Please join us for the Spring 2015 New York Technical Services Librarians Annual Reception for Librarians, Information Professionals and Library […]

Generals in the War on Ignorance

No fewer than ten people on my FB list have shared this and tagged me with it within the past two days: Not a General Guys, I love the sentiment and the fact that some many people I know think of me when they hear the word librarian. I hope every friend of every librarian […]

Dingo Librarian

Dave Mauzy and I made a thing. Dave is my backboard for nearly everything I come up with because he’s good at poking holes in the sillier ideas and offers useful observation on the stuff that has potential. He was instrumental in helping me through the rough patches while writing Article 9. But sometimes we […]

Gun Toting Librarian

Just for the sheer heck of it (and to respond to the underrepresentation of liberals who enjoy guns in the general media), I’m putting up this picture of me at the West Side Rifle & Pistol Range behind the edit. Enjoy!

NY Public Library Sells Out for (Not So) Big Bucks

I’m the first to admit it: I am a big, fat, wallowing cynic and have been since I was about twelve years old.  So news items like the following headline from don’t surprise me. They should–I would dearly love them to–but they just don’t and that  is likely to say a lot more about […]

Back on Track and On-line

SirsiDynix’s hosted account servers are back on-line and we’ve had nothing but consistent access to our catalog and ILS all day. The explanatory e-mail that we received from their tech people said that IBM, seeing a weakness in BellSouth’s service conduits, allowed their primary service system to fail to bring the secondary into play. That […]

Chaos, Catalog Migrations, and Beer

Everything is is chaos.  If you own a house with a mortgage you may lose it if you’re not careful.  The FDIC may not do much to preserve your bank account if push comes to shove. The financial elites are wrecking what’s left of the economy, the ex-spooks are suggesting that the rabble can analyze […]

Architect Selected for Bush Library

The story is here.  I won’t make any jokes about how much room they’ll need to house both books, but I am wondering of the book about the pet goat will be part of the collection.  I’m pretty sure that Richard Clarke’s book about what went on prior to 9/11 won’t be, but that’s the […]