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Digital Recovery Plans, Libraries, and Us

Verizon facility serving most of downtown Manhattan

I’ll just say that if you couldn’t make it to NYTSL’s Spring Program last night, you missed an excellent discussion. The program was “”Disaster Recovery and the Digital Library”, and as such, it brought a bit of real world application to the often abstract world of disaster planning. NYTSL’s guest speakers were Frank J. Monaco, […]

Entrepreneursim in Libraries

This looks extremely interesting, from the ERIL-L listserv: To all Librarians, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators: We seek pioneers, adventurers and inventors to tell their stories.  The libraries of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Wake Forest University are organizing a conference entitled, "Inspiration, Innovation, and Celebration: an Entrepreneurial Conference for Librarians".  We strive to provide […]

The Future of the Catalog: Deconstruction or Reinvention?

Thom Hickey described his experience speaking at a conference organized by the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Association of College and  Research Libraries on his blog.  The conference title: The Future of the Catalog: Deconstruction or Reinvention?  Personally, I’ve managed to convince myself that everything in the world of libraries is a matter of reinvention. […]