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Reader Advisory: AW: Medium Talent

  Confession time: I just finished Forbes West’s addition to the AW universe, Medium Talent, and oh, does my head hurt. West has a Hemmingway thing going on, and it’s grizzly, ugly, and stressful to read. Forget the facts, the iceberg theory of writing, the Kilimanjaro stuff, or the Spanish civil war. Hell, forget about […]

Reader’s Advisory: AW: Phoenix Lights

Ezra Pound famously told writers to “make it new” even while others told them there was nothing new under the sun. Eric Tozzi has managed to do both with the latest addition to the Apocalypse Weird universe, the novel Phoenix Lights. The title of the book is taken from the 1997 UFO sighting over Phoenix, […]

Reader Advisory: AW: The Dark Knight

There are many things that annoy me as a reader. Authors who insert horrific scenes about the abuse of children or animals as a quick way to move the plot forward is one of them. Nick Cole, however is not one of those authors, and his latest contribution to the Apocalypse Weird universe is proof […]

Reader Advisory: Reversal

Have you ever had one of those days where things go wrong, and then instead of straightening out, they just  go wronger and wronger until everything you know is just completely screwed up? Sasha has one of those. She’s the heroine in Reversal, Jennifer Ellis’s contribution to the Apocalypse Weird universe. And boy, does she […]

The Apocalypse Arrives and It’s Weird

  Today sees the launch of an ambitious new series from Nick Cole  and Michael Bunker, titled Apocalypse Weird. The concept is simple: the end of the world is very f-ing nigh and you have front row seats. Five novels drop today and join The Red King, Cole’s previously released work in this ‘verse: The […]

Digital Book Day

Something that should absolutely, positively concern you–besides the fact that I am trying to do my job on only three hours’ sleep, and the fact that German sports fans will likely be insufferable for the next four years after their team’s crushing defeat of Argentina in the world Cup finals yesterday, and besides the incredible […]

Hachette Discovers DRM Is A Bad Idea

Hachette insisted that Amazon sell its books with “Digital Rights Management” that only Amazon is allowed to remove, and now Hachette can’t afford to pull its books from Amazon, because its customers can only read their books with Amazon’s technology. So now, Hachette has reduced itself to a commodity supplier to Amazon, and has frittered […]

A Shameless Plug

  As I’ve mentioned here before, I’m trying to get back into the game of fiction writing. Along the way, I’ve met plenty of awesome people who got involved in the game after I left, or never left and went on to do amazing things. Charles Barouch is one of the latter. We worked together […]

50 Best Cult Books, from the Telegraph

One good book list deserves another. The UK Telegraph has already described their version of the "perfect library" (a far, far too conservative selection for many but worthwhile selections just the same), so now they weigh in with their votes for the "50 Best Cult Books." It’s an interesting  list, considering what got in and […]

The Perfect Library, From The Telegraph

Rejoice, for the weekend is nearly upon us.  (Yay!) If you have some time for reading this weekend, you might take a look at the UK Telegraph’s  list of "110 Books: The Perfect Library."  I’m sort of disappointed that Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash did not make the list, but I approve of what science fiction […]