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Good Luck and Happy May Day

There are many ways of celebrating May 1 (also variously known as May Day, Beltane, and International Workers’ Day), some of which are rather more risque (and fun!) than others. A less fun option is bellowing about one’s favorite cause on the Internet. Two groups in particular drive me nuts: the Socialists and the Capitalists.  […]

The Audacity of Depression, by Joe Bageant

No introduction I could possibly write would do justice to this great article by Joe Bageant, so I’m just going to post the first few paragraphs then provide a link: The Audacity of Depression By JOE BAGEANT One of the best things about the hundred or so book festivals in America is that, with luck, […]

Kill the Library! Kill it! Kill it!

A link to this op-ed in the Gainesville Sun has been making the rounds of the library grapevine, mostly on PUBLIB but also on TSLIBRARIANS, which is where I read it.  It’s an anti-library rant, and not a very coherent one at that. Since it’s been a couple of years since I last gave an […]

A Good Index is a Thing of Beauty

I remember indexing class at Queens College’s MLIS program: it was called "GSLIS 743, Indexing, Abstracting, and Other Access Systems,"  met for three hours a week and was filled with about 40 individuals who just wanted to get through the course and on their ways to more interesting things.  Over the course of the semester […]