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Coming Soon: A Floating Library

On reading this, I immediately had two questions. First, why has this never been a thing in NYC? The second is, how do I apply for a job there? From the Gothamist: The announcement of a floating library makes us wonder why there has never been a library on a boat in one of our […]

Hachette Discovers DRM Is A Bad Idea

Hachette insisted that Amazon sell its books with “Digital Rights Management” that only Amazon is allowed to remove, and now Hachette can’t afford to pull its books from Amazon, because its customers can only read their books with Amazon’s technology. So now, Hachette has reduced itself to a commodity supplier to Amazon, and has frittered […]

The Sky Is Falling . . . But Not Today

If you read my last post–which I think of as "yesterday’s" but is really more like "two days ago’s"–you know that some very smart, observant, and well-spoken individuals think that the Era of American Participatory Democracy is either on the ropes or gone for good, depending on your reading of their arguments.  That, if true, […]

Lara Frater, Author, Librarian, & Fat Chick on NPR Today

From WNYC’s web site: Anna Kirkland, assistant professor of women’s studies and political science at the University of Michigan and author of Fat Rights: Dilemmas of Difference and Personhood, and  blogger Lara Frater, author of Fat Chicks Rule!: How To Survive in a Thin-Centric World,  look at the legal question of discrimination against the overweight. […]

Gaming Day at New York Public Library

In the depths of my disgust at the news of the New York Public Library’s name change yesterday I completely missed this rather cool bit of news: Friday is gaming day at NYPL . The article in the time is called "Taking Play Seriously at the Public Library With Young Video Gamers," and it begins: […]

Deep Captured? Something to Think About

Now that the weekend is upon us, I present you with some reading material.  No introduction for this article, except to say that if you are (or have been, or plan to be) heavily invested in "the market"–by which phrase we generally mean the financial institutions in which we park our life’s savings in hope […]

Documentary Editing and Distributed Proofreading

It’s been years since I edited anything more complex than a typed website column, but this article in Slate about documentary editors–meaning the folks who prepare original hand written manuscripts for the press rather than film makers–made for fascinating reading.  Definitely worth a look if you have time today (or any day). And if the […]

Reagan Library Can't Find Items, Says Report

I read something like this and I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry: LOS ANGELES – The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum can’t locate or account for tens of thousands of valuable mementos of Reagan’s White House years, according to a published report. An audit by the National Archives inspector general concluded […]