Article 9

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  • Article 9 is the first book in The Blockade Trilogy, a dynamic science fiction series that realistically dramatizes the early years of space colonization. Set amidst a fascinating tableau of diplomatic intrigue, and spectacular orbital and lunar battles, the story ultimately focuses on the mystery of humanity’s first contact with a profoundly powerful alien civilization. The startling revelations that ensue will alter the course of history, giving rise to a new group of heroes. Soldiers, pilots, reporters, students, entrepreneurs and engineers must somehow unite to take up the cause of humanity’s survival and courageously reach beyond the solar system to confront dangers and wonders they could never imagine.

    In Book One we are introduced to the Sol System of the year 2020. The Geosynch Electric Corporation has become the world’s dominant mega-conglomerate, a global monopoly over precious electricity only months from its grasp. The world is grateful; only the United States, which still relies on aging natural gas and nuclear power plants, resists. But the U.S. government wants to gain access to Geosynch’s space lanes for its Air Force…and some are willing to kill to have it.

    Into this intrigue arrives reporter Jack Hastings. Accompanied by Air Force officer Minnie Korson, the unlikely duo realize that while the military is indeed pushing hard, the corporate officers of Geosynch are far from innocent. Their space colony, Prometheus-3, is filled with secrets, lies, and a pair of frightening truths: Geosynch is now in the process of weaponizing space with the goal of becoming a sovereign entity, capable of asserting control over planet Earth. And even stranger and more terrifying: a massive and extremely deadly alien intelligence lies dormant at the edge of the solar system, and it is about to awaken…