Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Day After Publishing

As you’ll remember in our last exciting episode of The Rogue Scholar, I pushed the Publish button on Article 9, my first proper SciFi novel. Since then, I’ve pushed the button on the Print-On-Demand version of the book as well, so if you shun electronics in favor of printed copy, you now have an option. […]

Article 9 is Live on Kindle

Okay, folks. You remember way back, when I made these cryptic references to a book I was writing? And then completing? And then trying to get published? Well, it's done. The book is titled Article 9, and it's the first in a planned series called The Blockade Trilogy, and it's now available for $3.99 on …

Dear FCC . . .

Yes, it’s a bit of slacktivism, but my concern about Net Neutrality is real enough. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has made sending a comment to the Federal Communication Commission as easy as possible. Librarians should pay attention to this issue (and they are). We rely more than ever on internet resources for our livelihoods. As […]