METRO Digitization Docs Released to Commons

From the Metropolitan Library Council (METRO):

Two library-related publications written and edited within the METRO community have been released under Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution licenses.

Digitization in the Real World (2010) and The Global Librarian (2013) are now freely available for download and Internet Archive and

digitizationintherealworld.pngBoth books highlight the innovative work our colleagues are doing to provide online access to digital materials, ensure communities remote and local receive equal access to information, and provide a global context for learning in our increasingly interconnected information environment.

“I’m thrilled that we’re able to reflect the excellent work being done in our community by opening these books to the commons,” says Jason Kucsma, METRO’s Executive Director. “It is our hope that releasing these titles under a Creative Commons license furthers the knowledge- and experience-sharing these publications were intended to foster.”

Considering that one of my own digital projects for the New York Academy of Medicine (The Resurrectionists) was made possible by a METRO digitization grant, I can only wish that we’d had these resources available to back then. We made do with what we had, but still . . . more information on best practices is always useful, as technology changes and application development bring new tools to the efforts of digital librarianship everywhere.

These items are free for the downloading, so read them and keep them around . . . something tells me we’ll be needing them for a long time.

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