Monthly Archives: July 2014

METRO Digitization Docs Released to Commons

From the Metropolitan Library Council (METRO): Two library-related publications written and edited within the METRO community have been released under Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution licenses. Digitization in the Real World (2010) and The Global Librarian (2013) are now freely available for download and Internet Archive and Both books highlight the innovative work our colleagues are […]

Dingo Librarian

Dave Mauzy and I made a thing. Dave is my backboard for nearly everything I come up with because he’s good at poking holes in the sillier ideas and offers useful observation on the stuff that has potential. He was instrumental in helping me through the rough patches while writing Article 9. But sometimes we […]

A New Book Cover

I’ve been pontificating about a project of mine here for years. I’ve called it the Blockade series because it is a planned hard Sci-fi series about a ring of thingies surrounding the solar system. The first book is titled Article 9, and I’m almost ready to hit the publish button on it.

Digital Book Day

Something that should absolutely, positively concern you–besides the fact that I am trying to do my job on only three hours’ sleep, and the fact that German sports fans will likely be insufferable for the next four years after their team’s crushing defeat of Argentina in the world Cup finals yesterday, and besides the incredible […]