Deep Captured? Something to Think About

Now that the weekend is upon us, I present you with some reading material.  No introduction for this article, except to say that if you are (or have been, or plan to be) heavily invested in "the market"–by which phrase we generally mean the financial institutions in which we park our life’s savings in hope of retiring wealthier than we are now–you should probably read it.  Heck, even if you remain a card-carrying socialist and think that markets are the worst things ever, read it anyway.

As always with the material I link to, I don’t agree with everything he says (although being the founder and CEO of, I’d expect he knows what he’s talking about), but I agree this subject is something to think about very carefully. (Very carefully.  I mean, this is your life’s savings here!)

"Deep Capture," by Patrick Byrne.


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