Monthly Archives: March 2008

Gaming Day at New York Public Library

In the depths of my disgust at the news of the New York Public Library’s name change yesterday I completely missed this rather cool bit of news: Friday is gaming day at NYPL . The article in the time is called "Taking Play Seriously at the Public Library With Young Video Gamers," and it begins: […]

NY Public Library Sells Out for (Not So) Big Bucks

I’m the first to admit it: I am a big, fat, wallowing cynic and have been since I was about twelve years old.  So news items like the following headline from don’t surprise me. They should–I would dearly love them to–but they just don’t and that  is likely to say a lot more about […]

Kill the Library! Kill it! Kill it!

A link to this op-ed in the Gainesville Sun has been making the rounds of the library grapevine, mostly on PUBLIB but also on TSLIBRARIANS, which is where I read it.  It’s an anti-library rant, and not a very coherent one at that. Since it’s been a couple of years since I last gave an […]

Deep Captured? Something to Think About

Now that the weekend is upon us, I present you with some reading material.  No introduction for this article, except to say that if you are (or have been, or plan to be) heavily invested in "the market"–by which phrase we generally mean the financial institutions in which we park our life’s savings in hope […]