A Question of Attribution

I came across this tidbit while looking over Andy’s website this afternoon.  I’m not a reference librarian by training and my days as an English major are long behind me, so I thought I’d toss this out there to see if anyone wanted to  chime in.

To wit:


Ted U.: “Your correspondent Randy Wolman may
well be correct in attributing the quotation ‘Keep the company of those who seek the truth, and run from those who
have found it’
to Vaclav Havel.  But a very similar line (‘Trust those
who seek the truth. Beware of those who have found it’)
is often attributed to Andre Gide, who, if that attribution is
correct, would have priority, and another (‘Grant me the company of
those who seek the truth. And God deliver me from those who have found it’) has
been attributed to a much earlier personage, namely,
Isaac Newton.  I have not done any checking on the accuracy of any of
these attributions, but it would be interesting to know just which one (or
ones) are correct.”

Any takers?

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