Monthly Archives: September 2007

Magna Carta For Sale–U.S. Constitution Next?

The UK Independent says that the Only Copy of Magna Carta in Private Hands to be Sold in New York. I’m temped to say something truly obnoxious such as wonder whether the U.S. Constitution can be far behind, seeing as how the current regime in Washington D.C. has little apparent use for it, but I […]

Chaos, Catalog Migrations, and Beer

Everything is is chaos.  If you own a house with a mortgage you may lose it if you’re not careful.  The FDIC may not do much to preserve your bank account if push comes to shove. The financial elites are wrecking what’s left of the economy, the ex-spooks are suggesting that the rabble can analyze […]

Obligatory 9/11 Post

I’ve written on this subject before (here and elsewhere) and I don’t think I have anything genuinely new to say on it, so I’ll stick to the things that are old but still true.  The "Still True Today" category is a new one that I blatantly stole from Matthew Miller’s book "The Two Percent Solution: […]