Monthly Archives: June 2007

What Price Unipolarity?

In the interest of making genuine news available to anyone who wants it, I came across this article a short time ago and have decided to link it here.  It’s not so much that I believe every word that Putin says, so much as I despise censorship and I haven’t seen this stuff anywhere locally. […]

Rushdie Still Driving Iran Nuts!

Whether it made political sense for the Queen to elevate Salman Rushdie to knighthood at this particular time or not, I do not know.  In one sense, this is like throwing gasoline on a fire.  I do know that he’s been making the Imams in Iran crazy for over 20 years, which from a writer’s […]

Beware the Exaflood

This comes from Bruce Mehlman and Larry Irving writing for the Sacramento Bee: The exponential explosion of digital content on the Internet is striking. alone consumes as much bandwidth today as the entire Internet consumed in 2000. Users upload 65,000 new videos every day and download 100 million files daily, a 1,000 percent increase […]

Are You a "One-Eyed King?"

There’s a maxim in life (the origin of which is in dispute) that you can never been too thin or too rich. In the world of IT, that maxim has a corollary: there is always someone out there who knows more (or less) about the subject than you do.  And because there is so much […]