Memorial Day History Lesson

I’ve been away for a bit and it’s been amazingly busy at the Academy library, but in response to stuff like this and bits like this , I feel that I must respond by posting links to the full text of the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence (in that order).  I chose that order for the simple reason that according to Google, more people do searches for the former (upwards of 38 million hits) than the latter (a mere 1.1 million) which is, in my view, a ray of sunshine in an otherwise depressing sea of current events ("Anna, Anna, ANNA!!!.")  Yowza.

That said, the links I posted are to the website of the U.S. National Archives, which for the time being at least is still an amazing authority on the history of these documents and their online presentation is exceptional.   

Enjoy! And enjoy the three-day weekend.

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