Monthly Archives: February 2007

It Serves Us Right?

I’m out for most of this week, but something that did catch my eye was an article the Matt Taibbi wrote for Rolling Stone (located by way of on the subject of the White House’s 2008 budget proposal.  His main point is maybe it serves us right if we’re footing to bill for egregious […]

Middle East = Real Estate

Way back when I was returning to college after a year’s hiatus, I took an ancient history course. The teacher’s name and most of the historical details I learned have been forgotten or misplaced in that murky swamp I call a memory.  But our professor said one thing that stuck with me through the years.  […]

Moyers: Why Fund Libraries? Why Fund Anything?

If you’ve read this blog for longer than 10 minutes then you know that I’ll repost news of anything Bill Moyers does or says.  And this post is no different: on February 7, the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation presented Bill and Judith Moyers the first Frank E. Taplin, Jr. Public Intellectual Award for "extraordinary […]

Too Cool for Words

This is Lara (aka, Mrs. Rogue Scholar, MLS). Lara is a librarian at the NYC Dept. of Health Library. Before she started there, she worked at the EPA Library on Broadway, NYC. This is Lara’s book, "Fat Chicks Rule: How to Survive in a Thin-Centric World." (I helped write the first chapter.) And this is […]

Are Librarians Obselete? Nyet!

This enormously spiffy article by Will Sherman has been making the rounds across Libraryland and I figured I’d sock it away for future reference.  He asks "Are Librarians Totally Obsolete?" and then answers it with a big fat "No!" All 33 points why we’re here to stay are highly recommended if you’re one of the […]