Monthly Archives: September 2006

Mouseprint & Your Tax Dollars at Work

Are you familiar with the term "Mouseprint?  Bob Sullivan is–or, he is now–it’s the fine print that’s so damn tiny only a mouse can read it.  Sullivan took a look at a website (appropriately named that serves as a mouseprint magnifying glass , as it were, and it makes for fun yet grim reading.  […]

Banned Book Week

I was amazed and embarrassed to remember this late in the game that this is Banned Book Week. Luckily the ALA has full documentation of what’s on the ‘banned list’, what’s on the merely ‘challenged’ list, and whatever else you need. There’s lots more out there but these links should get you started. Now read, […]

"All of It"

I’ve been invited to write a few paragraphs about some cool electronic resource for the next edition of the NYAM Newsletter.  And unhappily, I have a bit of a problem with that. Granted, I have the time and the talent and the motivation, but the problem persists and it’s been there for as far back […]

Cataloging 9/11

It’s been a busy week (last week, I mean). Article Linker works for the databases we’ve linked to it (so far, Ebsco, Ovid, Gale), and we’re jumping through all kinds of hoops working on linking it to PubMed. You have a choice–use a script to build a prepopulated ILL form on your server and access […]

From Andy’s website: "This terrific site is running again. It has tons of election data (click successively on all the icons below the map to see what is there) and a "nonpartisan" (but enlightened) blog about the state of the mid-term elections. Click on the "Previous report" link at the top of the page to […]

Hampton U. and Literary NY

So, according to this email, maybe Hampton U. isn’t dissolving their cataloging department after all (thank you nice people at Kent State for this): "I have received from a number of colleagues a copy of announcement of theclosing of the Technical Service department of the Harvey Library at Hampton University .  Harvey Library has no […]

Osmosing Data and Leaky Cell Phones

In 1990 I found a wacky (and vaguely depressing) manga anthology by Joji Manabe (whose work I love) called "Dora." One of the stories in it (actually the first few pages of one of the stories in it) contained the germ of an idea I eventually turned into a short story called "Norma" (no relation […]