Monthly Archives: July 2006

Heat WAVE!!!!!

This just in: MAYOR BLOOMBERG DECLARES HEAT EMERGENCY FOR METRO NYC Over the next few days, we expect excessive heat and humidity in The New York Metro region. Please plan your activities with protection in mind.   If needed, you can find a NYC cooling center here.   We can also take steps to reduce […]

OCLC Bulletins

Just a couple of articles from picked from OCLC Abstracts this morning: OCLC, LIBER Exchange Bibliographic records to Support Digital Preservation Efforts Google’s Anti-social Downside Enjoy!

The Loeb Classical Library

I don’t subscribe to the Weekly Standard and it’s literally been over a decade since I dealt with the classics (as they were called in more than one college English class) but I have nothing but respect and admiration for those who do (enjoy the classics, that is; I don’t know anyone who subscribes to […]

Taxpayer-Funded Secrecy

The good news is this: an article discussing the peer review process in Nature. The bad news is this: your tax dollars are being used to roll back the Freedom of Information Act. Granted, it’s at the research phase right now, but I find it difficult to believe they would have funded it had they […]

Articles, Space Travel, and Fertilizer Bombs (Oh My!)

I’m putting the finishing touches on my article for the Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries’ eJournal  Forum and the deadline is Monday, which means that before then I need to actually finish it, then send my proof to the other co-authors to see what needs fixing, and then over the weekend finish the […]