Monthly Archives: June 2006

TechKNOW and Books to Buy

Firstly, here’s the new issue of TechKNOW, out of Kent State U.  I stuck more stuff I stole from Alterman behind the cut. BTW, speaking of Alterman: I think the guy’s a snob, but I’ve never met him and my opinion really doesn’t count, anyway. The fact is he’s a great writer, and he wrote […]

Presidential Signing Statements 2001-2006

This appeared on Eric Alterman’s  blog at MSNBC today. I am reproducing it here it in its entirety: Mr. Alterman:I have been reading media and legal materials (including your piece, “Think Again: Signing the Constitution Away,” at the Center for American Progress), here, about the unitary executive and the Bush administration’s use of presidential signing […]

House of Morgan & Online Libraries

The Morgan Library got some very spiffy coverage in the Music section of the NY Times this morning, and that’s extremely cool.  But what was even cooler to me was clicking on my daily dose of LRC and finding this article on online libraries by George Giles. Giles is a libertarian (as are many who […]

The Science of Superman

I taught my class on E-Journals this morning at the NYAM Library Open House (and got a great reception from the 10 people who showed up–yea, me!) so I thought I’d devote today’s space to something genuinely nifty if not exactly library-related. Alan Boyle’s Cosmic Log on is too cool to not be part […]

Beyond Google: What's Next for Publishing?

This piece by Kate Wittenberg from EPIC at Clumbia U. is definitely worth reading.  It’s titled "Beyond Google, What’s Next for Publishing" and does a fine job of discussing how online environments are affecting (and being affected by) the publishing industry. Here’s an excerpt to get you started: "While we have been busy attending conferences, […]

Stolen Sidekick: A Public Service Announcement

I don’t generally post things like this, but this (assuming it’s real, and from what I can tell it seems to be) deserves a mention: "You lose a Sidekick, leaving it in a cab accidentally. Some idiots grab it. Instead of doing the right thing and returning it, even after a reward is offered? They […]

Museum Mile and NYAM

An announcement from Chris Warren, Historical Collections, NYAM: "This year, prompted by the Freud exhibit and interest in building relationships with the Museum of the City of New York, NYAM is participating in Museum Mile on June 13 (if you’re not familiar with this great event, visit their website: .   Library staff will […]

Librarians Break Silence in Records Case

From today’s New York Times (links & excerpt): Four Librarians Finally Break Silence in Records Case By ALISON LEIGH COWAN Published: May 31, 2006 Four Connecticut librarians who had been barred from revealing that they had received a request for patrons’ records from the federal government spoke out yesterday, expressing frustration about the sweeping powers […]