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Worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Worship It! Now! All right, fine, don’t worship it . . . but don’t dismiss it out of hand, either. Faith is one of those wacky  things of which only humans are capable, and it’s a delicate balance between making sense of the universe in which we live, and coming […]

Emily Dunning Barringer, M.D.

From Bowery to Hollywood: Emily Dunning Barringer, MD, Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine – an exhibit at the New York Academy of Medicine Library   In 1903, Emily Dunning Barringer, MD became the first woman to serve as an ambulance surgeon in New York City. She was also an advocate for women’s […]

Nicked From Andrew Tobias

WORST ADVICE EVER “I before E except after C.”    Oh, yeah?   The feisty foreigner seized the beige reins in one vein-bulging hand and – weirdly adorned in leis (a veil of distraction so no one would remember his face?) feigned disinterest no more. The heist of his neighbor’s heir’s freight had begun.    What […]

New Projects

For the record, I agree with the sentiment that children and pornography don’t mix.  Heck, adults and pornography don’t mix half the time.  Having said that, I’m convinced there has to be a better method of keeping the two away from each other (kids and porn) than this.  (Dare I suggest more involved parenting?) While […]

The Google Side of Your Brain

I’m not usually a USA Today reader, which is why I managed to miss this article by Elizabeth Weise from December 18, 2005.  I think the title says it all: "This is the Google Side of Your Brain."  On the tiny chance that I’m not the only person on the planet who hasn’t read this […]

Exporting Censorship

Xeni Jardin writes on the nature of what, in her experience at BoingBoing, gets filtered out of which websites, and why and how.  Meanwhile, Lily Pregill (NYAM’s Special Projects Librarian who works across the hall from me) points to an article in the current issue of Harvard Magazine, entitled "The People’s Epidemiologists" by Madeline Drexler.  […]

Two-Tiered Internet

I like the Center for American Progress.  I really do, for the sheer level of research they utilize when writing any given bulletin they send out. I am in awe. Having said that, I’m not sure how I feel about their latest posts on what they call the Two-Tiered Internet. The NY Times has a […]

Cool Times Tool & the Patriot Act

I know I’m a day late and dollar short with this, as I am with everything I write here, but it’s Wednesday and this caught my eye. Linking to the NY Times is always problematic because of their new NY Times Select subscription package, but this makes linking to non-subbed articles a lot simpler.  In […]