Politics Expressed in MARC

Here is a summary of a recent GAO report that should be getting much more media attention than it has. Even if you don’t come to the same conclusions as the authors, the GAO Report is (to put it lightly) extremely disturbing.

But since this is a librarian blog (or, more importantly, since I keep claiming it is), let’s not dwell on the unpleasant facts . . . let’s catalog!

(BTW, if anybody wants to alert me to problems in my 650 fields, go right ahead, I’m no all-knowing expert. But do keep in mind that I’m using MESH, which is extremely limiting compared to LC. Also, yes, the 856 is a live link to the report itself.)

100 1    Powner, David A.

245 1 0 Elections : $b federal efforts to improve security and reliability of voting systems are under way, but key activities need to be completed: report to congressional requesters / $c David A. Powner and Randolph C. Hite.

246 1 7  Electronic voting systems.

260        [Washington, D.C.]: $b United States Government Accountability Office, [2005].

300        102 [2] p. : $b ill. ; $c 28 cm.

500       "September 2005."

500      "GAO-05-956."

504       Includes bibliographical references ( p. 99-101).

505 0  Letter — Appendixes — Bibliography — Tables — Figures.

650 1 2 State Government $x organization & administration $z Ohio.

650 1 2 Federal Government $x organization & administration $z United States.

650 1 2 Politics $z United States.

650 1 2 Computer Security $x standards $z United States.

650 1 2 Informatics $x methods $z United States.

700 1   Hite, Randolph C.

710 2   United States. $b Government Accountability Office.

856 4 1 $u http://www.gao.gov/new.items/d05956.pdf

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