Monthly Archives: November 2005

Still More About Google

After looking over the past bits and pieces I’ve posted about Google, I can imagine if you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking, "Oy, not another one!" And you’d be right to a certain point. Then again, this may bear repeating often. What brought me to this conclusion was an email from the head of IT […]

Thomas Gets a Face Lift

It’s a short work week this week, so I have no excuse not tp post at least an article or two. In that spirit, here’s something I picked up by accident. THOMAS, one of the more amazing  government legislation research tools available to internet users, has gotten a significant face-lift. You can still search for […]

Amazing Magic Searches

It’s been very, very busy around here the past couple of weeks, and I’ve got six projects running concurrently, which means that something has to give and unfortunately, that’s what I write here.  Luckily, the most time-intensive project which is a digitization grant I’m working on is due next week, and thing should slow down […]

Google and Managing Metadata

BusinessWeek has another article on the trials and tribulation of Google as they continue to implement their Print for Libraries program.  It’s interesting to watch this story develop over time, not the least reason for which is that Google’s big move in this direction was the subject of a serious panel discussion between David Ferriero […]

Politics Expressed in MARC

Here is a summary of a recent GAO report that should be getting much more media attention than it has. Even if you don’t come to the same conclusions as the authors, the GAO Report is (to put it lightly) extremely disturbing. But since this is a librarian blog (or, more importantly, since I keep […]