Monthly Archives: October 2005

Copyright and Heroic Librarians

A couple of things caught my eye today.  First, I found this article by David H. Holtzman in the Oct. 25 issue of BusinessWeek.  It’s called "Share the Knowledge, Expand the Wealth" and makes the case that copyright, while still an incredibly valuable legal protection against intellectual property theft has been badly abused by the […]

Article in Am. J. Psych.

The following article by David V. Forrest, M.D., appeared in the American Journal of Psychiatry’s ‘Introspections’ column: the most elegant title is " The Librarians."  In part: "Bank robbers go where the money is, and we bookworms and journal raccoons are found in libraries. At the New York State Psychiatric Institute, arguably the premier interdisciplinary psychiatry institute, the […]

"'Meta-Utopia'"? Who Said That?

Google Alert just dumped a link in my lap that I’m a bit conflicted about: it’s called "Metacrap" and it’s an angry and obnoxious attempt by Cory Doctorow to make what should be an excellent point. Namely, that not all meta-data is reliable and the level to which it is unreliable necessarily degrades its utility […]

Baker & Taylor News Bit

Baker & Taylor and OCLC Announce Cataloging Partnership I’m not really sure if this is good news or not, but it’s probably good to know for those libraries who do business with B&T. In part: "CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – October 13, 2005 — Baker & Taylor, the leading distributor of books and audio-visual materials and […]

Stephen's Guide Index of Logical Fallicies

Okay, new house rule: new stuff must appear here on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’ll do more if I can but never less often. Deal? Deal. And today’s Nifty Link comes courtesy of LRC (as so much does these days, at least to me): The Stephen’s Guide Index of Logical Fallacies, which is not the most […]

The State and Future of NOPL

I’d heard that the New Orleans Public Library was in deep trouble, more from the city’s intent to shutter it than anything that Hurricane Katrina did. I’d wanted details, though, so I went to Google news, put "New Orleans Public Library" into the search field, clicked on the patented (if not then soon, I’m sure) […]

All About The Flu

I’m not seeing much reporting on what might be one of the most interesting (and alarming) medical stories of the year: scientists have recreated (under tightly controlled conditions) the 1918 Influena virus that killed anywhere from 50 million to 100 million people world wide, depending on who you listen to. The NY Times had this […]

Emergency Record Management 101

I found this article, titled "How to prepare for One really Quick Getaway"  in today’s NY Times. It’s not the most comprehensive word on managing records, as it deals only with people’s personal situation: household finances for the most part, which is, of course, a far cry from the comparatively serious record management needs of […]