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Researching Urban Legends

Shirl Kennedy lists several nifty research sites in today’s Resource Shelf post: "Natural disasters, stratospheric gas prices, a messy war in Iraq thatgoes on and on, two Supreme Court nominations on the line, evolutionversus "intelligent design," privacy-threatening security breaches,and a whole raft of other social issues creating divisiveness insociety… Is it just me, or does […]

Library Thing

I’m sure there’s a ton of librarians and library support folks out there who’ve known all about Library Thing for week, months, now. I admit I just found out about it by meand of this testimonial from Andy’s website: ‘Judy: “Have you already found Library Thing?  I think it’s pretty cool – a way to […]

Back Up Data Early & Often

I found this article from Robert Ringer in my mailbox this past weekend and it’s ajust a short reminder that accidents do happen, both in libraries and in our personal lives. The moral is both concise and bears repeating: back up your data. Often. In a number of different media. In a number of different […]

Stuff from, which is one of my five favorite research-oriented websites, has just composed a surprisingly complete timeline of what happened in the days preceding and following Katrina: Katrina: What Happened When They state right up front that it will take months to get past all the bluster and B.S., but it’s a pretty decent resource, […]

Katrina News Source Update

This is from the NYAM Info Notes blog: NIEHS Launches Website with global info system for assessing environmental hazards from Hurricane Katrina     U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesNATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTHNIH NewsNational Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, September 9, 2005CONTACT: Christine Bruske, 919-541-3665, rmackar@niehs.nih.govNIEHS LAUNCHES WEBSITE WITH GLOBAL […]

Secrets of the Mummy's Medicine Chest

Secrets of the Mummy’s Medicine Chest The link leads to an article about the NYAM’s 4,00 year old medical papyrus ( officially the Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus, the oldest surving medical document in the world) which is now on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as part of their exhibit "The Art of Medicine […]

N'Awlins vs. Katrina

There’s already tons of material available on the web regarding  New Orleans vs. Katrina, so I won’t post it here.  Except for a few choice tidbits that I found: SciGuy’s science blog had these immortal (and not a littl creepy considering how things turned out) words from Mark Twain words about Men Vs. The Mississippi […]