Monthly Archives: August 2005

NYAM Co-Sponsoring GL7 Conference

The New York Academy of Medicine, former host in the GL Conference Series, has signed on as co-sponsor in the Seventh International  Conference on Grey Literature. Here is the Text Release from the GL7 Program and Conference Bureau.

SLAPPed Libraries?

Molly Ivins has a piece in today’s on the issue of free speech (as in guaranteed by the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution) and the growing use of the  Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (aka "SLAPP"). The idea behind the SLAPP is that a large (or merely well-funded) corporate entity can bring these […]

Guerilla Videos Library-Style

I think Gary North is a bit of a kook. I don’t agree with his politics or his religious view more than rarely, but having said that I read his Reality Check newsletter twice a week, because he sees things I don’t see, and that’s a big deal to me.  You can never have too […]

Roy Tennant in Library Journal

"Google, the Naked Emperor," by Roy Tennant, from this week’s Library Journal. The upshot: Google relies on search algorithms that do some things very well and other things (say, finding brand new web pages or even finding the last entry in the web index) very poorly. Google is just not in the business of providing […]

NYAM Blog ALert

The reference staff of the New York Academy of Medicine has its own blog, now, which I was just informed of. (Actually, I knew about this a couple of weeks ago but between spending most of last week in California,  and being swamped with testing/implementing LinkFinder Plus, I just got around to posting it now. […]

IFLA Working Group Report

I’m not sure how many folks reading this have an interest in foreign libraries, but in case there are some of you out there, this is for you.The IFLA Working Group on Functional Requirements and Numbering of Authority Records is pleased to announce that a draft of "Functional Requirements for Authority Records" is now available […]

Update and Replies

Reply to Lisle:  No, I’m not in jail, and in all honesty, nothing happened last week. I sent the note from my cell phone for the coolness factor, intending to follow up later in the day.  When the incident took place, I was on my way to meet my boss to drive to New Rochelle […]