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Technology, Time and Archives

Occasionally the internet drops something totally suited to librarianship-oriented wiriting into my lap. This happened this morning as I cleared out the past week’s e-mail from my Yahoo account. It’s an article written by Gary North, whose politics I almost never agree with but who is one of the most prolific writers and researchers I’ve […]

Search CNN Video for Free

Gary Price offers a few thoughts on The Digitization of the Library along with  abunch of links worth perusing when you have some time to spend on it (you can easily spend an hour reading this, so set time aside.) Also, here is an article on how to Browse and Search CNN Video for Free, […]

Doing Data Differently

Take a look at Roy Tenant’s column ("Doing Data Differently") in the latest Library Journal and tell me again that "anyone can catalog". No, sorry, they can’t. If they could, than everybody would be a cataloger. In my cataloging class at Queens College, we had maybe 45 people in the class, a few of whom […]

Propganda Posters

This isn’t a proper library website, but it is a very nifty and reasonably cosmopolitan collection of WWII era war posters. Also, I’ve traded email with the author, and read his work on a regular basis. So I figured I’d share this. Enjoy!

House Blocks a Provision for Patriot Act Inquiries

The U.S. House of Representatives appears to have done something positive this year. (Librarians, celebrate!) Now to see what the Senate (which is much less devoted to privacy and liberty these days) does with the bill. The full story from the NY Times is behind the link. I’m going over my notes from the NYLink […]

Privacy & Downing Street Memo Part II

I know this is not strictly library news, but this is becoming genuinely disturbing. Actually, it was genuinely disturbing a month ago when the story first broke, but now it’s mind bogglingly insane.This bit by Ted Koppel is not much better. Training in the art and science (!) of Connexion Client at the Brooklyn campus […]

Real Books vs. Schoolbooks

"One way to see the difference between schoolbooks and real books like Moby Dick is to examine different procedures which separate librarians, the custodians of real books, from schoolteachers, the custodians of schoolbooks. To begin with, libraries are usually comfortable, clean, and quiet. They are orderly places where you can actually read instead of just […]

Content in the Age of XML

I found this tidbit byBruce Silver in the Intelligent Enterprise. The article is titled "Content in the Age of XML" and since I work with XML issues on a more or less daily basis I figured it’d be something to look at. I was kind of hoping that Silver had something usefult o say on […]

For History Buffs and Researchers

Military Personnel RecordsSource: National Archives and Records Administration Opening of Military Personnel Records and Archival Research Room "Opening the Door" to the National Archives in St. Louis "At 11 AM on Saturday, June 11, 2005, the National Archives National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St. Louis will formally open the records of Charles Lindbergh, President […]

Free Business Management Library

Here’s something you might want to take some time to look through if you’re so inclined: The Free Management Library, hosted by MAP for Nonprofits and developed by Carter McNamara from Authenticity Consulting, LLC. THey’ve got links to 75 different categories and subcategories, along with embeded links and extra links to outside online references. Not […]