Personal Liberties in the Age of Terrorism

Here’s a conference for librarians who find themselves both in the NYC metropolitan area and interested in the state of civil liberties: “Personal Liberties in the Age of Terrorism”, which being hosted by the New York Metropolitan Library Council (METRO to you Visigoths) on May 13 from 9:00am – 2:30pm at the Brooklyn College Library. They’re advertising attendances by civil liberties attorney Norman Siegel, Daniel Lyons from the FBI, and Marcia Hoffman from the Electronic Privacy Information Center, so this is likely to be a lot of fun. I already signed up for it, as this is a field of intense concern for me (if you couldn’t guess by my letter to the NRO last week).

The conference description is here.

The METRO (all right, so I’m a Visigoth) registration link is here.

And I’ll post a bit about what I learn there next week.


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A gaming industry stalwart dating back to the 1980s, Jonathan Frater is the co-author of roleplaying game books Robotech: Return of the Masters, and Robotech Adventures: Lancer's Rockers, both for Palladium Books. Jonathan also wrote a column on writing and game design called The Tome in Gateways magazine. He's currently a librarian at Metropolitan College of New York. Article 9, the first in his ambitious Blockade Trilogy, is Jonathan's first full-length novel.

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