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Librarian Stands Up to FBI

Librarian Stands up to FBI I’m not going to comment on this. I don’t think I need to comment, except to quote: "I really didn’t realize the librarians were, you know, such a dangerous group. They are subversive. You think they are just sitting there at the desk, all quiet and everything. They’re, like, plotting […]

To Infinity and Beyond!

Call me a grand total nerd if you must (Lord knows others have–and they’ve been right) but I think that the fact that Voyager 1 is now approaching the heliosheath–the beginning of interstellar space for you non-nerds–is hands down the most amazing science story since Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel figured out that there really […]

The CDC Yellow Book

We just got in a free copy of the 2005-2006 Health Information for International Travel book (a.k.a. the CDC Yellow Book) by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. I admit I haven’t looked it over very carefully (it’s been very hectic today), but from what I’ve glanced at, it appears to be very complete […]

Google Scholar in BusinessWeek

This week’s BusinessWeek magazine has an article that just firms up my belief that GoogleScholar can, in fact, deliver what it promises (eventually) but it’ll likely be a huge hole down which the company will have to pour more  cash and energy than they anticipated. In essence: the Association of American University Presses (AAUP) sent […]

Getting Over Book Guilt

There are so many great classics – so many books you’ve heard of that you wish you’d read. Fact is, a lot of them aren’t good… or at least they’re not good for you at this particular point in your life. Here are some tips from Steve Leveen, author of "The Little Guide to Your […]

A Word to the Wise Librarian

Things are someplace between late and never today. While not one to place blame on the tools of the trade, my PC at work was laid low by the RBot-I virus (I think), which worked its way through our branch of the internet this morning. Sophos caught it, but not before this thing had crawled […]

Google SFX

I know, I know . . . I promised Civil Liberties . . . I’m typing the notes out as I write this in another window on my desktop, and if I don’t get to posting the whole thing tonight, I might poat par tonight and part tomorrow, where I’ve finally cleared my desk enough […]

Civil Liberties and Google Scholar

I know I promised to post a bunch of stuff on the Civil Liberties workshop run by METRO and Brooklyn College, and I will. Tomorrow. But it’s also MLA in San Antonio, Texas this week, which means that my bosses are all out of the office, which leaves me in charge of the Tech Services […]

Worldcat Love & the BiblioblatherBlog

A coworker mentioned the Biblioblather Blog to me at lunch, and, being the inquisitive type of paranoiac that I am, I tuned in and found a really nifty string of links. Not the least ofwhich is one to WorldCat Lookup which the Biblioblatherblogger has already described in prose so exemplary, I could only chew my […]

Enrich Your Active Reading Life!

I picked this article up from Michael Masterson’s Early to Rise newsletter. (Masterson has written a few books, none of which I have read–yet–but I get his newsletter delivered to my mailbox every morning, and so far that’s a decision I’ve been happy with.)  I won’t say that it’s applicable to absolutely everyone, but he […]