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Grokster, Copyright, and You

There’s an editorial in today’s NY Times on the subject of whether  people who use P2P software like Grokster (who is arguing their case in front of the Supreme Court this week) are breaking copyright, and by so doing, breaking the law. The short version is, well, yes, they are. When you download music from […]

State of News Media: 2005

From “The past year was an interesting—and not altogether positive—one for the media. There was the rise of blogging, the Bush administration-produced “reports” during election season, the revelations that several reporters had been paid to tout government programs, and the continued move toward faster, flashier news coverage. In its second annual “State Of The […]

From today's NY Times

This also comes from the “Something to Think About” category. I lifted it in its entirely from today’s NY Times which, I know, is not strictly within copyright, but since all the attributions remain and it wasn’t altered, I think it’s permissible. Enjoy.

Something to Think About

The quasi-political rant below the link is something I posted on my Livejournal account earlier. I hadn’t really planned to talk about Terri Schiavo . . . I’d intended to write about Google (and I did . . . sort of), because Google Scholar is a big deal to me, mostly because I can’t imagine […]

What to post, what to post . . . ?

It’s difficult to know exactly what to post here. I see a lot of stuff come across my desk as I check in journals every day and sometimes an article title grabs my attention. Sadly, that hasn’t happened today (not yet anyway). Part of the problem is that I have this compulsive need to read […]

NYAM Announcement

Every now and then I get news of an event at the Academy. The various research departments hold meetings, talks, and professional get togethers and such like, and some of the topics are pretty interesting, even if you don’t happen to be a medical researcher. At any rate, if it’s open to the public, I’ll […]

Books for Soldiers

From "We all like getting mail, and soldiers stationed far from home or recovering from war injuries in a veterans’ hospital really like getting mail. So go through your bookcases and closets and dig out those books you don’t read. Got duplicate copies of books or DVDs? What about recent magazines? The Books For […]